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Cricket Club Arm Guard & Thigh Pad



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Step up to the crease fearlessly wearing the protective Splay Club Arm Guard and Thigh Pad cricket gear. The padded arm guard fits like a glove while allowing full range of motion while you bat or bowl. Made of premium quality materials, both the arm and thigh guards offer maximum protection and absorb the sweat to keep you cool and dry. You don’t have to worry about losing the grip when you are taking your best shots as the arm guard and thigh pad both come with elastic Velcro straps for a snug and secure fit. No matter if you are a Right-Handed Batsman or Left-Handed Batsman, these cricket gear set fits just right. Also, they are available in different colours (Blue, Yellow and Orange), and sizes – “Small Boy (7-8 Years) 4ft 5 – 4ft9”, “Boy (9-13 Years) 4ft9 – 4ft11”, “Youth (14-16 Years) 4ft11 – 5ft5”, and “Men (17 & Above) 5ft6 – 6ft2”, as per your requirement.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE – To keep you performing at your best, this cricket equipment for adults and kids is designed to deliver maximum safety and protection while you are on the field.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Made from high-grade materials, the arm guard and cricket thigh pads offer years of durability. The padded lining inside saves you from shocks while keeping the protected area breathable.
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT – Offering easy adjustment, the cricket protective gear including the arm guard and thigh pad comes with Velcro closures. Ensuring easy fitting, the Velcro straps snuggle on your forearm and thigh conveniently.
  • MULTI-DEXTERITY – The Splay Club Thigh Pads are multi-dexterity so that they fit both the Right-Handed Batsman and Left-Handed Batsman. They allow full range of motion so that you take your best shots gracefully.
  • VARIABLE SIZES – Perfect for an indoor and outdoor cricket game, the padded arm guard and thigh pad are available in various colours and sizes for kids, youth and adults starting from the age of 7.