A beginner’s guide to the basic home gym equipment for small spaces

A beginner’s guide to the basic home gym equipment for small spaces

In these times where schedules have got busier, keeping oneself fit and healthy has become difficult. Let’s face it, taking care of our health is a necessity. Lack of time may prevent you from going to a gym, and one might not have much space in the home for gym equipment. But no need to worry as there are numerous gym equipment available for small spaces. Purchase this equipment and give your home a professional gym look and keep your health on top. These are easy to use, even for beginners.

Gym equipment for small places


Kettlebells are a cast iron or cast steel ball with a handle attached to the top. Kettlebells are used for a good workout session. Kettlebells enhance strength, endurance, and balance. It targets both muscular and cardio systems. Kettlebells come in different weights for various uses.

Chrome fixed dumbbells

These are made with toughened metals and anti-chip chrome. These are designed for strengthening muscles and weight training. Using dumbbells for full-body, multiplanar movements, however, can provide a variety of different strength outcomes. These also come in classic and ‘hex’ shapes and are robust, reliable products that stand up to a heavy lifting environment.

Chrome dumbbell plate

The high-quality chrome finish is embossed with the weight specification. Chrome weight plates are created with a smooth, curved-edge design that looks great and makes the weights simple to control and safer if dropped. Chrome dumbbells are purely metallic and come without any added protective layer.

Chrome fixed dumbbells

Metal dumbbells are popular and a cheaper alternative for gym lovers. These are made with toughened metals and anti-chip chrome. These are also available in classic and hex shapes that are strong and stable products designed to stand up to a heavy lifting environment. 

Adjustable dumbbell weight

It is an excellent option for buyers who want various weights but do not have space and storage. The technology behind these dumbbells is developing quickly and comes in different shapes, sizes, and designs. The change in these dumbbells can be done quickly as per your requirements. They also have a dial on the ends that adjusts the pressure automatically.

Chrome dumbbell rod

Made from premium-grade chromed steel, chrome dumbbell rod equipment showcases a solid construction built to last. The fully adjustable design makes plate attachment and removal easy. Chrome dumbbell rods can be used for weightlifting, shoulder press, bench press, or individual dumbbells to do workouts such as bicep curls, chest flys, lunges, lateral raises, etc. These are versatile, designed for complete safety, and used for total arm muscle workout.

 Resistance bands

Resistance bands are a useful tool that one must add to their strength training routines. These are great for toning and flexibility and take up zero space. 

Booty bands

Booty bands are a useful tool if you are looking for a good booty exercise. These are designed especially for outer thighs. Booty bands are cheap and take practically zero space. These come in a variety of weights. 

Mini inflatable exercise ball

Mini inflatable exercise balls are designed to target your abs and inner thighs. These equipment are an excellent option for those who do not have much space for a larger version of these inflatable balls. 

Ankle weights

If you like to do low impact exercises like pilates, ankle weights are a tool to enhance the intensity without adding too much strain to your muscles. These are a great option for toning and pilates.

Consider these factors before purchasing home gym equipment

 Cost of equipment

Know your budget before you buy the gym equipment. Make a list of what equipment you need and how much you can spend on these. Depending on the functions, the price of equipment can vary.

Space it requires

Another critical factor is the space available at your home. Purchase the gym equipment according to the area available to not lead to any storage problems at home.

Function it performs

Know what you want to work on. Do you wish to work on cardio, arms, legs, weightlifting, and bodyweight resistance training? Purchase the equipment to perform these functions. Set your goals before making any purchase.

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