Basic things you should know about speed and agility training exercises

Basic things you should know about speed and agility training exercises

Agility and speed are the most important aspects of fitness training. In order to improve agility and speed, athletes make use of the fitness equipment known as training hurdles. These are mini hurdles included in the fitness routines like sprint/running, weight training, etc.

What is speed and agility training?

The term agility training is different from speed training. The term speed describes moving fast in a straight line. If you are not able to match up to the running speed of your peers, speed training will help you with it. 

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On the other hand, agility means changing your direction as efficiently and in a quick manner. If you find it challenging to balance your body while moving from one side to another, agility training is what you need to focus on.


In this post, we will share a list of the best agility training hurdles you can use for your training. Let’s begin!


Top three benefits of speed and agility training

#1 Improved output and quickness

Speed and agility training helps athletes enhance their performance and beat the competitors.



#2 Enhanced coordination and balance

Have you ever wondered how gymnasts balance themselves on slim surfaces? It is because of their speed and agility training. It helps you balance the body and move fast, even amidst the energetic moves.


#3 Increased body awareness and skill

It helps you enhance sharpness and productivity as you become more aware of your body while moving at speed.


How often should you do speed and agility training for best results?

Being an athlete, it is recommended to include speed and agility training in your routine four times a week. You can either split the training process into two parts, spend two days on agility and two days on speed training. However, you can perform both on all four days by combining the exercises.


Non-athletes should include speed and agility training in their fitness routine at least twice a week to get the benefits.


Two best agility drills

#1 Lateral running

Lateral Running (Side-to-Side drills) is best for improving the muscles of the knees and ankles. Some benefits of lateral running include prevention from injury, improving balance, and overall cooperation.


#2 Ladder drills

Ladder drills are useful for improving agility, body balance, speed, as well as quickness. These are ideal for performing various movements of most sports and training activities such as hopping, running sideways & backways, bouncing, etc.


Two best speed drills

#1 In and out drills

You can use cones as well as a ladder for performing these drills. This drill is simple and doesn’t require a lot of equipment. All you need is a cone or a ladder and some motivation!


#2 Cone hops

Cone drills are used for fast movements, and if you combine these with timed sets, you are going to improve your speed quickly and effectively.


Where to buy speed and training hurdles?

The speed and training hurdles are readily available online. You can go for Adjustable training hurdles from Splay as these are affordable and made up of high-quality material. offers a variety of training equipment for trained athletes and non-athletes.

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