Buying Guide: Netball equipment and clothing

Buying Guide: Netball equipment and clothing

Playing different types of sports is gaining a considerable amount of popularity all across the globe. However, players face a lot of injuries on the ground. To protect the players, the sports clothing is designed in a way to minimize these injuries. Netball is one such sport. Netball is a widely played game and immensely enjoyed everywhere.

 Interestingly, Netball is a popular sport and does not require many equipment, although it does require proper clothing and a lot of gear to protect you from any severe injury. Make sure you purchase all equipment, clothes, and gear that are of excellent quality.

Equipment and clothing required for playing Netball

Netball clothing list

General clothing

Netball clothing is not an expensive affair. Female players require a polo-style shirt or t-shirt and a short pleated skirt. Men, on the other hand, wear polo-style shirts or t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Talking about high levels of the game, the clothing is high-tech, where some teams opt for all-in-one bodysuits or other specially-designed kits. For beginners, such clothing is not necessary.

 Netball bib

Each player in a netball game is assigned a specific place. The netball bib indicates the player’s position, clearly highlighted by one or two-letter abbreviations. It remains on the back throughout the game and even during break times. The netball bib is essential for both training and playing with friends.

 Athlete’s shoes

One cannot wear any shoes for playing Netball. Netball shoes are specially designed for the game. These are made from durable rubber that provides a better grip on the netball court.

 Sports socks

A good pair of sports socks provide extra bounce and support on the court to the player. Look for socks that are intended to give extra padding in all the right areas rather than wearing standard socks.

Support gears

There are always injuries in sports. Most of the netball players choose to wear support gear, like knee and ankle guards. These help in preventing any damages that can turn out to be dangerous. One must buy support gear for the upper and lower body even if it is just a practice to protect any injury.

Netball equipment required


A vertical goal post (0.35m tall) is placed at the midpoint of each goal line. It is different from the goalpost used in basketball as it has no background. It consists of a metal ring with internal diameters of 38cm, from which the net hangs, pointing outwards from the top of the post. The shooters have to shoot the ball right through the rim to score a goal.


The ball is the obvious equipment required to play Netball. Though the ball is similar to basketball, it is lighter, smaller, and slightly softer in construction. These are usually white in color. It has a circumference ranging from 69-71cm and a weight ranging from 0.4-0.45kg. Size 5 ball is a recommended size, but size four is recommended for children under ten years. For a better grip, balls tend to have a dimpling effect.

 Where to purchase netball clothing and equipment?

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