Essential Things To Know Before Buying A Cricket Helmet Online

Essential Things To Know Before Buying A Cricket Helmet Online

A helmet is one of the essential equipment you should be armed with while playing cricket. A good cricket helmet is your protective layer, which saves you from the injuries of the head as well as the face.

In the 1930s, Patsy Hendren- one of the most popular cricketers in history, used a self-designed hat to protect himself from cricket injuries. Interestingly, the common use of protective helmets began in the late 1970s. In the World Series Cricket, there was the first use of a modified motorcycle helmet. Since then, the helmets have evolved drastically, but people usually get confused when it comes to buying one for themselves or their kids. In this guide, we will cover the essential aspects that will help you make the right decision.

Parts of a cricket helmet

The cricket helmets are available in different shapes, sizes and you can easily buy cricket helmets online. At, we provide the helmets with the best features to help protect you. We ensure that you get the utmost comfort while using them.

In the next section, we are presenting the tips you should consider, based on the parts of a cricket helmet:

 The Shell

The shell is made up of top-notch material that is hard and strong. The inner shell completely absorbs the cricket ball's fast shock, whereas the outer shell spreads the shock throughout the outer surface, safeguarding the head from the injuries.

We recommend buying the helmet from a trusted store like where we sell top quality helmets, ensuring maximum protection.

 The Padding

Most of the cricket helmets come with protective padding, and it acts as the protection layer, which diminishes the shock of the cricket ball when it hits the helmet. There are varieties of cricket helmets online, and we highly recommend purchasing the one that provides comfort, perfectly holds the wearer’s head and eliminates the unnecessary movement of your helmet.

 Chin Strap

Most of the cricket helmets available online can be seen with the chin straps. The purpose of the helmet straps is to keep it placed in one place, ensuring more protection. It is also known as chin guard, which keeps the chin safe from shocks and injuries. So, always invest in a helmet with good quality straps.

 The Grill

This part is made up of the solid materials, most commonly titanium and polycarbonates. It protects players from facial injuries. We recommend selecting the helmet which provides ventilation and the grills designed in a way that doesn’t affect visibility.

 The grills that cover the full face are usually not preferred by the players as they are more likely to affect visibility. You should carefully choose between the partially covered or fully covered helmet, depending on your needs.

 The Neck Guard

Most of the cricket helmets online come with the neck guard, which acts as a shield to protect the wearer’s neck from the harm. However, you can buy the neck guard separately as well.

Important things to consider when buying cricket helmet online

Know your helmet size

For the best protection and focus on the games, you should be geared up with a helmet of the right size. Always ensure that it fits you properly. In the following section we are sharing a list of standard cricket helmet sizes for different groups of cricketer players:

 To measure your helmet use a paper tape measure and run along above your forehead, to the side behind your ears and just below the bump on the back of your head.

  • Small boys should go for the helmet size of 51 to 53 centimeters
  • Boys usually opt for the helmets of the sizes 53 to 54 centimeters
  • Youths prefer the cricket helmets of the sizes 54 to 56 centimeters
  • Young men typically buy helmets of the sizes 56 to 58 centimeters
  • Men prefer purchasing cricket helmets of the sizes 58 – 60 centimeters
  • Large men invest their money in the helmets of the sizes 60 – 62 centimeters


For hot and humid environmental conditions, you should pick the cricket helmets with exposed vents for proper airflow.

 Removable sweat pads

The cricket helmets are available with removable padding. They are the best choice if you sweat heavily as they can be easily removed and machine washed.

 Lightweight helmets

If you wish to play your game without any excess weight on your head, then lightweight helmets will be your best bet.

 Pad kits

Some of the helmet manufacturers are now providing the padding kits with the helmet pads in various thicknesses. These kits offer flexibility to the wearer.

 Manufacturing materials for the cricket helmet shells

The cricket helmets are available in various materials, and you should opt for the best material as it is a long term investment. 


  • ABS thermoplastic: It is the lightweight material with a good shock absorption feature, but isn’t as hard as other popular materials like fiberglass.
  • Fiberglass: This material is much more durable, stronger, and that’s the reason most cricket helmet manufacturers use it.
  • Carbon fiber: This material is usually amalgamated with Kevlar to produce much stronger cricket helmets. However, they are a bit pricey.

 Manufacturing materials for the cricket helmet grills

  • Carbon steel: This material is used for making affordable yet more robust helmet grills.
  • Titanium: This material has the strength of the steel but comes with lightweight properties.

 Cricket helmet maintenance

 Before you invest in a cricket helmet, you should be aware of the maintenance tips. Follow the tips mentioned below:

  • If your helmet has been hit during the cricket match, carefully check it for the damages. It is suggested to replace the damaged parts.
  • A badly damaged helmet should not be used as it will be unable to protect your head.
  • If your helmet comes with removable padding, you should wash the pads to get rid of the sweat smell and germs.
  • The helmets made from ABS thermoplastic should not be placed in direct sunlight as they can lose their shape.
  • Store your helmet at an appropriate place and don’t put weight on them.

 Selling brand

The brand you choose to buy your cricket helmet is also an important aspect. We would suggest investing your money in a helmet from a trusted brand like Splay as they go above and beyond when it comes to providing stronger and much safer cricket helmets online.

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