Essentials things to know before buying a cricket bat online

Essentials things to know before buying a cricket bat online

Choosing a bat is not an easy task. Different sizes and types of bats fit different people. Many bats appear to be similar initially, but there is always a difference in their detailing that affects your performance. Scrutinize the bat and make sure that all its detailing is the right fit for you. If you are considering buying a bat online, make sure that you purchase the best cricket bat online that fits all your requirements.

Consider these before buying a bat

Size of the bat

When you are looking for a perfect bat, the size of the bat matters. Your height is the right guide for choosing the ideal size bat. If the bat's size is too short or too small, it can be a hurdle in your playing. Here is the guide to choose the ideal size bat based on your height.


Height (in feet)

Recommended size

4 feet and under


4-4’3 feet















Short handle

6 feet+

Long handle/long blade


 Weight of the bat

Just like the size, the weight of the bat is also vital. Professional cricketers usually consider bats between 2'9-2'11 pounds. These bats are average or slightly heavier in weight. If you are searching for the right weight bat, the best way to check is to bring it out in front of you with your top hand. If the bat is unsteady, the bat is too heavy. Another way to check is to place yourself in your stance as if you are about to face a delivery. If it is nice and steady, then you have the right weight bat.

 Number of grains on the bat

Depending on the budget you are ready to spend on a bat, there are a few options. If you have a high budget, then grades one or two are excellent options. If you are not willing to spend much on the bat, then go for lower grades.




Grade 1

Professional standard. Most expensive willow option. At least six-eight straight grains on the  bat.

Grade 2

Top club standard. Excellent quality with little redwood evident. Six-eight number of grains with more blemishes.

Grade 3

Lower-league standard. Approximately five grains with more discoloration.

Grade 4

Beginner standard. Typically four grains with half of the blade having discoloration.


Toe guard

The toe is the weakest part of the bat. Toe guard helps in reducing the shock of a batsman tapping his bat on the ground. It also decreases the amount of moisture that will seep through the toe of the bat. Before choosing a bat, make sure that the toe of the bat is exactly what you need.


Test the handle

Make sure that the handle is centered with the blade. Hold the bat by its handle and check that it is thin enough to hold it comfortably. Off-centered handles will be uneven in your grip, and bare handles are more prone to twisting and slipping in your hands. Ensure that the handle of the bat fits comfortably in your hand for a better and secure grip.

The sweet spot of the bat

If you have been playing cricket, think of the place where the ball hits the bat most. The sweet spot is located wherever you strike the ball most and wherever the bat is thickest. For beginners, favor bats are the thickest in the middle for the best coverage.


If you have set a budget, it will make it easy for you to choose the bat within that range. If you are buying the bat for a continually growing child, a lower budget bat might help as you will have to change the bat in a year or two.

 Perfect place to buy a bat

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