Everything you need to know about slalom poles before buying

Everything you need to know about slalom poles before buying

If you are into the world of sports and fitness, then you must be aware of slalom poles. These are one of the most versatile pieces to set up the sessions and get the best out of them. More importantly, you can utilize these poles in a variety of ways as per your requirements. Slalom poles are perfect for multiple surfaces such as playgrounds or hard flooring. However, you will require an additional base for using slalom poles on the indoor floors. At Splay.co.uk you will find high-quality slalom poles and other required accessories at unbeatable prices. In this post, we will share some essential things you should know before buying slalom poles. Let's begin!


Why you should buy Slalom Poles

#1 Training slalom poles add variation to your sessions

Slalom poles help add variation to your sessions as you can incorporate them for your sports and fitness training. From improving speed and agility to upper body fitness, slalom poles are a perfect piece to invest in. 


#2 Multisport training equipment

Agility is one of the most critical factors in any sport, and that's where slalom poles are used. From rugby, football to tennis training, you can put your poles to use on an almost everyday basis.


#3 Slalom poles for boundary marking

Coaches may use the slalom poles for boundary marking to define their area for coaching to the entire team.


What are the main characteristics of slalom poles?


If you want to buy slalom poles online, you must look for these specific characteristics:


  • Highly visible

You must invest in the slalom poles in bright colors that can be easily noticed on any surface. Neon green and bright yellow colors are the two ultimate colors for these training poles.


  • Lightweight

The slalom poles are made up of lightweight material, which makes them perfect for portability.


  • Ultrastrong material

Since these poles are built for long-term use, the material should be ultrastrong so that it doesn't break even in extreme conditions.


Key things to consider before buying slalom poles?


Here are our pro tips to help you choose the best quality slalom poles for your fitness and sports training:


  • Slalom poles must be easy to insert on soft surfaces

If you are buying them to use on soft surfaces, always ensure they can be easily inserted on the ground.


  • Slalom poles should be designed to be used for hard surfaces

Sometimes you would want to practice indoors or on hard floors, and so it is important that the poles are designed for both soft and hard surfaces. The rubber base is the additional equipment that will enable you to use them on hard surfaces. You can buy these bases separately as they are very affordable and increase their versatility.


  • Should be foldable

The slalom poles, which are foldable, are best as you will need smaller storage space for them. Also, the foldable ones are easy to carry from one place to another.


  • Invest in a slalom pole carry bag

A good quality carry bag for your slalom poles will provide the advantage of secure storage. Also, you will be able to carry the poles effortlessly. If you don't get a bag with the poles, you must buy it separately.


If you would like to buy sturdy and supreme quality slalom poles, do check out the collection at Splay.co.uk. From training poles, sturdy bases to carry bags, you will find a large variety on our website. In case of any doubts, contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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