Hockey Equipment Buying Tips: Everything Beginners Need In Their Kit

Hockey Equipment Buying Tips: Everything Beginners Need In Their Kit

Whether you or your kids are planning to start playing hockey, the first thing that you will need is - hockey equipment. It should be of high quality and must offer a premium level of protection. In this guide, we will share essential things that will help you make the right decision when building your hockey kit.


Size: Do you know the hockey sticks are available in different sizes? Most popular sizes are for youth, junior, intermediate, and senior. It is crucial to consider your age and choose the appropriate size accordingly.

Material: Sticks are made up of materials such as wood, a combination of wood & fiberglass. You can also find the sticks that have a mix of other metals like carbon and fiberglass.


A helmet is an essential element in your hockey kit. We suggest purchasing a helmet with a full cage, especially for the kids. However, the helmets with partial cages are also available. Measure the head's size before buying the hockey helmets online and never shy away from spending little extra bucks on getting the best quality to protect your head and face.

Neck Guard

A neck guard will keep your throat safe from the injuries on the field. It is an essential thing, especially the kids' hockey kit is never complete without a neck guard.

Shin Guards

Shin guards, also known as shin pads, protect the players’ legs against the hits and injuries. They come with the Velcro straps, which are easily adjustable according to your requirements. A hockey defensive player will require a supreme level of protection, and for them, it is easy to find the shin guards with extra padding online. It is also suggested to replace the shin guards if your kid has grown up as using the smaller sized guards for a grown-up can lead to leg injuries.

Elbow Guards/Pads

As it is no big deal to slip on the ground when playing hockey, but all the players must be adequately geared to avoid injuries. The elbow guards play a vital role in protecting the elbows from injuries. Always invest in good quality guards according to your size.  

Mouth Guard

Whether you use a helmet with a cage or not, a mouthguard is needed to shield your teeth from injuries. They should be from a trusted brand, and you must buy one after ensuring the right size. 

Shoulder Pads

Invest in the shoulder pads of top-notch quality as they will protect your shoulders, biceps, chest, and upper back. You have the choice of bulky and shoulder pads that weigh lighter. You must ensure that the shoulder pads you are considering serve their purpose in the best manner.


You must invest in a comfortable jersey for performing appropriately. We will recommend going with the material that is lightweight, flexible, absorbs sweat quickly, and fits you well.


The gloves help improve the grip, and they need to fit right so that you don’t feel any discomfort while playing hockey. You can opt for gloves that are longer so that they cover wrists and forearms. However, such long gloves lack proper flexibility. The adults sometimes don’t prefer wearing gloves, but the kids must wear them to avoid discomfort in their hands.  

Equipment Bag

As you require a variety of hockey equipment, a decent equipment bag becomes essential to keep everything in one place. Not only will it help you keep everything in one place, but it will also look smart. At you can find high-quality hockey bags in different sizes, colors, and at reasonable prices.

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