Pro tips for your carrom board maintenance

Pro tips for your carrom board maintenance

Carrom board is one of the popular indoor games to play with your friends and family. In fact, during the times of coronavirus pandemic, board games have become excellent options for families to reconnect and enjoy.


Carrom board is way more than entertainment as it boosts cooperativeness and competitive gameplay qualities among the players. Also, it allows people to spend quality time with their children while being entertained. The family members get to know each other well. However, if you own a carrom board, you must know that it requires care and maintenance. We at Splay will introduce you to the best tips and practices that will help you maintain your carrom board and improve your gaming experience. So let’s begin!


Pro tips to care for a carrom board


  1. In order to maintain the shape of your carrom board, you should store it properly. It is highly recommended to store it on a flat surface such as the floor. You can keep your board under the bed, which will eventually help you save space.
  2. As the carrom board is made up of plywood, you should avoid using water to clean it. It should be cleaned with a soft dry microfiber cloth.
  3. Keep the carrom board’s surface smooth using special carrom powder.
  4. Do not expose the board to moisture, extreme cold, and warm weather.
  5. Carrom board accessories are small, and hence it is important to keep them safe in one place. You can use a transparent, sturdy jar to store all the accessories. 
  6. Do not keep it close to the heat because the plywood may get damaged, and even the board can get bent.
  7. When storing your carrom board, always ensure to cover its surface to prevent it from any scratches, damage of polish.
  8. Always keep all the carrom board accessories free from dirt and grease.
  9. Whether you use the carrom board or not, make sure to clean it once in a while to extend its longevity.


How to make a carrom board smoother at home?

We all know that powder is sprinkled on the surface of the carrom board. But, did you know there are special powders in the market that are meant for carrom boards? You should avoid using any other powders on it.


Apart from powdering, there are many different ways to make the surface of a carrom board smoother. Let’s discuss some of the popular ones below:


#1 Use special carrom powder

As already discussed, you should not use any ordinary powder for your carrom. Most people use talcum powder, but that’s a bad practice. Boric-based powders are best for making the board smooth. We would recommend investing in special boric acid powder as soon as you buy carrom board because it will ensure providing the smoothest surface for your game.


Carrom Board Powder for Carom Board UK




#2 Use silicone spray

Silicone is one of the best things to use to get rid of the roughness of the carrom board’s surface. Silicone creates a thin layer on the surface which helps combat the unnoticeable inconsistency over the surface. However, silicone spray should be used once in a while.


#3 Smoothen the striker

A rough striker can also affect the performance. You should use a high-grade sandpaper to smoothen out the striker. If you have never thought about it, you must consider this practice, and you will see the best results on your own.


Practice all these tips to ensure that your carrom board lasts longer. If you would like to invest in a carrom powder or other accessories, do check out the collection at


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