Training markers buying guide for beginners

Training markers buying guide for beginners

Athletes are always in search of the best equipment that can help them improve their performance. Training plays a vital role in their final performances, and that’s why they must invest in supreme quality training equipment. Training markers and cones offer great versatility to the training routine. The best thing is that sports training markers are affordable, so being a beginner, you can use them for various drills to stay on the competitive edge.

If you are ready to buy training markers and cones for your practice, this buying guide by will help you make your decision in no time. So, stay tuned!


Types of training markers and cones

Using markers and cones is the best practice for improved training sessions or drills. These allow your team to outline the training area and work inside it. There are various kinds of sports and training markers that can be used for several purposes. Take a look at the list of the most commonly used space markers for training:


  • Space Markers Cones
  • Collapsible Training Safety Cones
  • Circle Markers
  • Rectangular Flat Markers
  • Arrow markers
  • Sequencing Discs
  • Traffic Cones
  • Training Boundary Flags
  • Sports Markers
  • Dome Training Markers
  • Corner markers


Tips to consider before buying training markers


  • Quality

When you are ready to buy training markers, always pick the ones that are made up of excellent quality material. The tougher material will make them last longer, whereas poor material will cause them to break or crack in extreme weather, like when it is too cold or too hot.

  • Multipurpose

Your cones and space markers must be multipurpose. Let’s say you are into multiple athletic activities and want to invest in less equipment, then always go for the equipment that will suit most of your activities.

  • Easy to clean

The training markers and cones usually get dirty, and you will need to clean them often. Hence the equipment that you pick should be easy to clean.

  • Travel-friendly

If you have to travel with your training equipment, it must be easy to carry. You can easily find lightweight markers and cones in the market.

  • Storage space

You might get tempted with a variety of training markers available in the market, but you must consider the storage space before investing your money in them. You shouldn’t be hoarding the equipment unnecessarily. Also, avoid buying bigger pieces if there are storage concerns. We would recommend analyzing and figuring out your needs for the training equipment before making the final decision.


  • Multi-surface use

You’ll probably be practicing on different types of surfaces, and that’s the reason you should be looking for the best training markers that can be used effectively on all types of surfaces which include concrete floors, courts, grass, playgrounds, etc.


Buy high-quality training markers at Splay

At Splay, we offer training markers that are suitable for all kinds of drills and sports. Our entire range of training equipment is made up of durable material, and you will get everything at unmatchable prices.


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