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Foot Speed Ladder


Size | 9 Meters (22 rungs)

Colour | Mix


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Foot Speed Ladder


  • Product Description

      Same construction as the economical school flat ladder with a twist of colorful rungs. The rungs are divided equally into Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Green.

      The Agility Ladder is an essential training tool in the functional training layer to several joints and muscle groups at the same time is put under pressure. Wide in a professional sport and always the vermehrt straight sport is a coordination ladder no further. Ideal for use when football agility ladder over and over again will fit into the training built-in and is used as a complementing training variant. A wide range of exercises the design makes it easy to slide out the exercise Flexible and develop movement coordination and speed


      • A flat-rung agility ladder with evenly-spaced adjustable rungs
      • Improve acceleration, lateral speed, flexibility, balance and body control
      • The agility ladder is adopted high-quality PP material, which is pressure-resistant and anti-crack.
      • Includes portable carry-bag, Space-saving, portable and convenient to use
      • Enhance agility ladder leg muscles, ankle and knee function of the small muscles, reducing the probability of lower limb injury
      • Suitable for agility training athlete and people who want to lose weight.
      • The speed or agility ladder is a device employed to improve feet speed, agility, and coordination. High-intensity training can be doing both indoors and outdoors.

      Training for sports:

      Basketball,Football,Baseball,Softball,Soccer,Tennis,Volleyball,Wrestling,Martial Arts,Boxing,Rugby,Netball.Cricket

      Color: Blackstrap

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    • Variant: 9 Meters (22 rungs) / Mix
    • SKU: 54420-619
    • Weight: 1350 g
    • Product Type: Speed Ladder