Splay Academy Cricket Helmet



Product Details

The Academy helmet is made from reinforced fibreglass for maximum durability. It has a natural cloth finish and fitted with air vents for easy air circulation around the head. It features an internal mould for a tight snug fit. Includes a fixed front grill. Size Guide: Small 54-56 cm, Medium 57-58 cm, Large 59-61 cm.

A Splay cricket helmet is a vital piece of cricket protective gear for players of all levels – wicket keepers, batsmen and close fielders. Splay Sports stock the best choice of batting helmets online, so you’re sure to find a selection of cricket helmets that suits your level, size and budget. Splay cricket helmets are also a popular choice. As it is a requirement of every young batsman and wicket keeper to wear a helmet, we stock a great selection of reliable, affordable junior cricket helmets to maximize young players’ safety as they progress through hard ball cricket.

Helmet Specifications:

  • Provides maximum vision through the visor
  • Twin shell sandwich construction
  • Perfect head fit
  • Anti-shake system
  • Effective Shock management
  • Increased ear protection
  • Fixed Grille
  • Overall light weight design, heat distribution and ventilation

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