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Splay Club Rugby Ball is an excellent 4 ply, value for money club Ball. Fitted with a latex bladder for maximum air retention. The Splay Club ball is handstitched and perfect for club use and pre-match warmup play. Features a high grade all-weather rubber dotted texture, which gives exceptional wet weather handling. Ball dispatched deflated for easy shipment.

Rugby balls

The Splay Club Rugby Ball is constructed with a top-quality Korean rubber outer, including a long-lasting dimpled finish, for superior grip and tackiness in all weather conditions.

It is hand-stitched and balanced weight for superior flight and accuracy. It has a logo design and the grippy rubber compound surface keeps the ball firmly in your hand. It is ideal for training and recreation.

  • Durable 4ply beach ball
  • Top grade PVC outer
  • Balanced weight for superior flight and accuracy
  • Hand Stitched
  • Pro Training Rugby Ball
  • 4 panels
  • Textured outer - 3 layer Inner

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