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The Splay Pro-Match shin guards are the ultra-lightweight which come complete with a soft material lining inside and out. Air Circulation - The soft material lining allows air circulation throughout the shin pads, thus allowing your shins to continue to breathe! The pads are measured from the bottom of the pads (top of the foot where your shoe tongue sits) to the top of the pads in a straight line.

Shin guards are essential to protect lower legs; calfs, ankles, and shins from injury but, during intense sports training shin rashes, blisters, bumps, and other skin irritation can occur, at whatever age. Shin guard socks from Splay make wearing shin pads more comfortable and protect shins further so you can focus on their game, not their gear and feel like a winner!

Ankle protection:

Premium compression leg guards for soccer players, armored with flexible EVA Impact Protection padding for professional-strength protection on ankles and outer legs.

Breathable materials bring the best comfort:

Uses lightweight materials that wick moisture away from the body to ensure maximal breathability. It will make you feel cool and dry instead of sultry.


> Shinguards

> Anatomical design

> Soft padded lining

> Strap fastening

> Ankle guard

Small age 9-11
Medium 12-16
Large 17 +

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