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The Splay Pro Series helmet is made from reinforced fibreglass for maximum durability. It has a natural cloth finish and fitted with air vents for easy air circulation around the head. It features an internal mould for a tight snug fit. Includes an adjustable front grill and side fitted ear guards. 

A Splay cricket helmet is a vital piece of cricket protective gear for players of all levels – wicket keepers, batsmen and close fielders. Splay cricket helmets are also a popular choice. As it is a requirement of every young batsman and wicket keeper to wear a lid, we stock a great selection of reliable, affordable cricket helmets to maximize young players’ safety as they progress through hard ball cricket.

  • 360 faceguard providing unparalleled jaw, ear and neck protection
  • Close fitting titanium grille with wide angle field of vision
  • Foam inserts for additional ear protection
  • EPS inner shell and ABS outer shell
  • Premium fabric cloth covering with 3 air vents for superior ventilation
  • Adjustable quick-release buckle

Durability & Comfort: Cricket Helmets strike a magnificent balance between protection, durability & comfort. Reduced weight fights off fatigue.

Ventilation: Cricket Helmets are lightweight, comfortable and have great ventilation, providing supreme protection for cricketers of all levels.

Improved Design:  Improved design, to offer lighter weight splay helmets. With a range of traditional designs and modern lighter weight designs. Discover the perfect helmet to aid your performance.

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