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Splay World Series Cricket Bat


Size | 4


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Splay World Series Cricket Bat




  • Product Description

      The Splay World Series are the best all-round cricket bat for every day use. Being one of the most popular bats we stock, it caters for all types of cricketers. Made from nurtured English Willow, the World Series ensures tremendous value and durability. Features an easy pickup and mid-blade sweet spot that suits almost any style of play.

      • Fitted with double Rubber shock absorber.
      • Imported 9 piece Cane for total handle protection and absorber.
      • Raised middle aiding powerful stroke play off both the front and back foot.
      • Suitable for advanced level of players as it can be best used in matches & tournaments.
      • Designed for use in Matches & Tournaments.

        Size Guide:

        Size  Height
        1  upto 4ft3
        2  4ft3 - 4ft6
        3  4ft6 - 4ft9
        4  4ft9 - 4ft11
        5  4ft11 - 5ft2
        6 5ft2 - 5ft5
        7 (Harrow) 5ft5 - 5ft8
        8 (Short Handle) 5ft8 - 6ft3
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    • Product Details
      • Variant: 4
      • SKU: CBTWSS674
      • Weight: 1210 g
      • Product Type: Cricket Bat